How to install Inkscape in Mac OS without facing any installation errors?!

For my blog & social media, creatives, especially vector images, plays a significant part.

Although I don’t create these vectors from the ground up, I always download free vectors & tinker it to suit my requirements.

Inkscape is my favorite tool to play with the vectors. It’s simple, loaded with decent features & most importantly, it’s free.

There is one problem though!

Every time I try to install it in my MacBook Air (Oh Yeah! I am a Mac guy!), it’s like solving a riddle. I wondered why such a lovely tool is making it difficult to install it.

I recently got a new Mac from my office. For one of my LinkedIn posts, I need to edit the vector. So, I tried to download & install it.

According to the official release note, you have to just execute the below command to install Inkscape.

$ brew install caskformula/caskformula/inkscape

Easy right! Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

When you execute the command in Mac OS, you usually get this error.

Updating Homebrew...
How to install Inkscape in Mac OS without facing any installation errors?!

After breaking my head for a while, I decided to seek help from our savior Google!

After a few searches, the fix was turned out to be dull!

Just execute below two commands & you should be good to go!

$ brew tap homebrew/cask
$ brew cask install inkscape

Phew! Although I know it might not be an elegant & optimized solution, it worked out at last!

What life would be like if we don’t troubleshoot?! Ain’t it?!

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