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A powerful way to check multiple conditions in Python

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Welcome to Python Bytes!

We’ll explore an efficient, stylish, and readable way to check multiple conditions in Python in this byte!

Ready?! Let’s GO!


Here is the code you can dive into for folks who don’t have the patience to watch the video!

Checking multiple conditions using ‘or’ operator

The ‘or’ operator does the job for us, no doubt!

But, as the number of conditions increases, the ‘or’ operator will stretch your ‘if’ statement out, like a train. 🚂

I hope you agree with me on that!

Having said that, now you can ask, what’s the better way, right?!

Let’s explore that!

Here’s a cool way of checking multiple conditions using the ‘in’ operator.

Checking multiple conditions using the ‘in’ operator

That’s it, Folks!

Hope you enjoyed this episode of Python Bytes!

Python Byte Tip Credit — Görkem Arslan, Jonny Jackson & Pylint

This byte was created using Ultron V4’s auto-simulation technology, an AI crafted by Team DevOps at @ Kissflow

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