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As Vice President of DevOps @ Cloud4C Services, I am currently on a mission to drive in best DevOps & SRE practices to our customers!

My 50 cents on DevOps Transformation

DevOps Transformation Quotes

DevOps should empower Developers to own, run, and manage the end-to-end delivery of an application.

It should eliminate the confusion around ownership and drives the team toward an automated, developer-managed infrastructure.

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There’s no direct customer/business value for adopting DevOps practices.

  • Myth
  • Fact


It’s a Myth! At its essence, DevOps is all about delivering more reliable products & experiences to your customers. More reliable products mean happier customers, which leads to more business.

DevOps practices deliver tremendous business value. In fact, all the tenets of DevOps were explicitly conceived to drive business goals. But this is just one of the myths surrounding DevOps.

Question Reference — Puppet

My 50 cents on DevOps Transformation

DevOps is a recipe — blending People, Processes, Tools, and Automation.

Like any good recipe, the secret behind DevOps is how these ingredients are blended and mixed in the right proportions to increase flow and value to the customer.

Quote Inspiration — Jayne Groll, CEO of DevOps Institute

DevOps Quiz

Docker Quiz


Is it possible to run a database in a container?

  • Yes. You can run anything in a container.
  • No. Containers have to be stateless.


Yes. You can run anything in a container. It’s common to run a database in a container for development/testing.

With regards to production, it is not recommended.

But Why?! 🤔

That’s a discussion which demands a separate post 😀

Reference — Julia Evans

Docker Bytes

Build a docker image from the Dockerfile in the current directory & tag the image

docker build -t myimage:1.0

DevOps Quiz



Who coined the term Continuous Deployment?!

  • Linus Torvalds
  • Patrick Debois
  • Timothy Fitz
  • Gene Kim


Timothy Fitz is the man who coined and popularized Continuous Deployment!


Manual deployments are tedious and repeated & yet require a great deal of expertise.

Asking experts to do tedious and repetitive, and yet technically demanding tasks is the surest way of ensuring human error that we can think of, short of sleep deprivation or intoxication.

Automating deployments frees your expensive, highly-skilled, overworked staff to work on higher-value activities.

Reference — Continuous Delivery by Martin Fowler

DevOps Myths or Facts Quiz



DevOps is a cultural transformation journey focused on collaboration and innovation.

  • Myth
  • Fact


It’s a Fact!

Indeed, DevOps is a cultural movement focused on collaboration and innovation. But, on the other hand, DevOps has no bearing on the tools and technology that an organization picks.

Indeed, DevOps has proven successful in organizations ranging from three-person startups to enterprise organizations with thousands of employees.

As such, regardless of your technology stack, you can implement DevOps!

Question Inspiration — Seth Fargo

My 50 cents on DevOps Transformation!

How long do you think it would take for your business to deploy a change in pre-production or production that involves one line of code?

The cycle time is the one that determines the time it takes from deciding that you need to modify something to having it in production. So it’s a vital parameter for any project.

Cycle times are measured in weeks or months in many companies, and there is definitely no regular or dependable release process. …

Swami K

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